Climb X Kinder Kids’ Climbing Shoe Review

Climb X Kinder Kids' Climbing Shoe Review

Engaging in family activities is crucial for building healthy relationships with your children and creating lasting memories that you can look back on in the future. Rock climbing fuels your child's adventurous spirit, but to do so, they will need the perfect climbing shoes.

The Climb X Kinder Kids climbing shoe is the best on the market for children. They have features in place that allow your child to be as safe as possible while providing the comfort that their feet need. Read on to learn more about this product.

Climb X Kinder Kids Climbing Shoe with Free Sickle M-16 Climbing Brush

About The Product


  • Equipped with a heel filler adjustment system to grow with your child
  • Made with leather
  • Comes with a free sickle climbing brush
  • check
    Velcro closure
  • check
    Pull tabs provided to aid in comfort
  • check
    Constructed with X-factor rubber rand

Climb X has created a climbing shoe that will allow your child to enjoy rock climbing as they age. They understand that children grow quite fast, so they have created a system that prevents parents from updating shoes every year.


Rock climbing shoes have to have a sturdy rubber bottom that has enough friction so that you will not have any accidents on slippery rocks. The X-factor rubber rand will allow your children to have control over this, even when in tight spaces.

The Climb X Kinder Kids climbing shoe is made with leather upper, which will provide just enough stretch for your child to feel comfortable, but not too much to prevent it from having a snug fit. The leather material also allows the feet to breathe, which is essential since they are bound to sweat from frequent movement.

This brand of climbing shoes also has a removable heel cup that you can replace with one that is a half size larger to keep up with your child’s growth. This also enables you to use the shoe for any younger children that you have when one child grows out of them.

There are features in place that make the shoe very easy to put on and take off, such as the Velcro closure that is built onto the shoe. Feet can become a little sore during rock climbing, especially for beginners and children.

With the straps, your child can give their feet a break by themselves without having to ask you to unlace them each time.

What Others Say

A lot of parents out there think that this climbing shoe for kids by Climb X is perfect for introducing their child to the sport.

With the free sickle climbing brush that comes included, the dirt and debris that accumulates on the shoe can be easily taken care of without having to wash them frequently.

Climb X Kinder Kids Climbing Shoe with Free Sickle M-16 Climbing Brush

The only downside to this product is that many had a hard time with sizing, which is a common issue that comes along with almost all brands of climbing shoes.

Buying Advice

The Climb X Kinder Kids climbing shoe is adorable, comfortable, and affordable. When shopping for this shoe, you may want to get a fitting in stores first if possible, but the general rule of thumb amongst the customers that have bought them online say to order one size larger than the regular shoe size. These shoes are just under $40.


Thank you for reading this review on the Climb X Kinder Kids climbing shoe. We hope that the information provided has helped you decide if these are the right shoes for your child.

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