Review: Best Climb X Shoes

Climb X Shoes Review

When it comes to affordable, beginner climbing shoes, the Climb X brand is a great place to start.  Almost all of the Climb X Shoe models are far more inexpensive than other brands like La Sportiva or Scarpa, and the quality is very good considering the price. While often not considered the best shoes on the market, many climbers, myself included, find some climb x shoes to be a perfect intro pair.  Furthermore, other climbing shoe models by this brand are great options for intermediate climbers looking to save money.  Read our Climb X Shoes review to find the best pair for you!

In this article we will review five of the highest rating Climb X shoes, and break down the advantages and disadvantages of buying these affordable shoes.

Climb X Rave

The good:

The Climb X Rave shoe is one of the most popular beginner climbing shoes on the market.  At roughly 45-50 dollars, this shoe is incredibly affordable when compared to other options on the market.  While maybe not the most aggressive or the best designed  shoe, this model packs a lot of value into its low price.

First, these shoes are fairly comfortable as far as climbing shoes go.  When first learning climbing, a major obstacle for some climbers is the potential discomfort when getting used to climbing shoes.  These shoes feature extra padding in some areas to reduce some of this discomfort.

While these shoes are not super aggressive, they still have a decently durable edge to help you stand on small foot chips with confidence.  The rubber has good traction, and will not degrade as fast as other similarly priced shoes.  However, as with all climbing shoes, the rubber sole will not last forever.

The bad:

I did not like the roomy fit of these shoes, and I felt I lacked the precision that I had with other Climb X models.  Though the toe is durable, I wish these shoes had a little more of a pronounced edge as well.

The straps on these shoes work fine, though not great.  Even though I prefer laced shoes, the lack of tension I experienced while trying to use these shoes was noticeable.


All in all, this is a good pair of climbing shoes for the beginning climber, and comes at an incredibly affordable price.  These shoes will serve you for a long time as you learn to climb.

I would recommend this pair of shoes for the person just looking to try climbing out, but does not want to commit to a more expensive pair.  At their price point, these shoes are great for beginners and are also exceptionally comfortable as well.

Climb X Red Point

The good:

The Climb X Red Point is a slightly more expensive shoe aimed at the more experienced climber.  These shoes have a more aggressive shape better suited to outdoor climbing and technical indoor routes.  While slightly more expensive than the Climb X Rave or Crush, these shoes are still a great deal when compared to many other pairs. These shoes’ soles are more cambered and refined, and have a sharper edge to them than the Rave’s, allowing climbers to more accurately stand on smaller footholds.

These shoes also feature some of the same padding that the Rave’s do, striking a great balance between comfort and function.  Furthermore, the hemp footbed helps reduce odor.  After using these shoes recently, their performance rivals that of some La Sportiva or Scarpa shoes I have tried.  While not as aggressive as models like the Scarpa Instinct, the Climb X Red Point serve as a great introduction into more aggressive models, while still remaining a versatile shoe.

The bad:

I personally thought these shoes were wonderful, and was pleasantly surprised by their performance.  The price is higher than some of Climb X’s introductory models, but is still very reasonable.


The Climb X Red Point are great climbing shoes for an intermediate climber looking to save money while also investing in a great pair of shoes.  I would recommend these to a climber looking to buy their second pair of shoes, or a slightly more experienced beginner hoping to phase out rental shoes.

Climb X Technician 

The good:

The Climb X Technician is a great, and very affordable, pair of beginner climbing shoes.  For a climber transitioning out of gym rentals, this is a great first pair, and are leaps and bounds better than most gym-rented shoes.  First, the Technician’s rubber is far stickier than most gym rentals, which I noticed right away even for a pair of shoes this inexpensive.  This grip will greatly improve a beginner’s climbing, and will encourage better form by allowing early climbers to trust their feet more.

The soles of these shoes are flat, with a moderately aggressive toe.  The Technician’s soles may not be the most conducive to aggressive climbing, but are aimed at beginner or intermediate climbers who are more interested in climbing easier routes.  For shoes with more camber, read our Climb X Red Point review below! Furthermore, at under $70, these shoes are a steal when compared to other beginner pairs by name brands like La Sportiva.

Ive found that these shoes tend to run a little small, even for climbing shoes, so make sure to buy a half or whole size up from what you may be used to.  A helpful shoe sizing video can be found here.

The bad:

The technician’s body is slightly bulkier than other shoes I have worn, which detracts from performance slightly.  However, compared to gym rentals, the bulkiness is only a slight annoyance.


For the climber looking to dive headfirst into this great sport, the Climb X Technician will serve well as an introductory pair of shoes that still allow for exploration into harder terrain.  This incredibly affordable pair also won’t break the bank!

Climb X Crush Lace

The good:

For those who prefer laced climbing shoes, the Climb X Crush is a great pair for intermediate-advanced oriented climbing.  The pair features a cambered climbing sole made out of X factor rubber–one of the better features in most Climb X shoes.  The stickiness and durability of this style of rubber is not unnoticed, especially for the price point.

In addition to the sole, the laced closure system is surprisingly durable and effective.  The eyelets allow for a lot of tension and ensure a snug fit.  Of all of the Climb X Shoes I have reviewed, this pair ranked as one of my favorites.

The bad:

Even for climbing shoes, this pair has a toe box on the narrow side and therefore would not make a great shoe for those of us with wider feet.  While I felt comfortable in these shoes, others may not feel the same.


The Climb X Crush Lace are a great pair of shoes for the intermediate climber.  At their price point, the Climb X Crush were one of my favorite pairs Climb X shoes to review.

Climb X Kinder Kids Climbing Shoe Review

Climb X Kinder

We’ve reviewed the top climbing shoes for kids and haven’t come across a model as affordable that can compete with the Climb X kinder. This shoe is probably the best all-around climbing shoe for the beginning child.  One of the unique features that are present in these climbing shoes is a heel cup that can be removed once your child’s feet start growing.

This heel cup ensures that you can save money on new shoes, as the Climb X Kinders will grow up to a half size with your child.

The soles on these shoes are made out of X-factor rubber, which provides additional grip for challenging climbs. These shoes are well suited for use both indoors and outdoors, so your child can still use them while practicing in the climbing gym and may also use them for outdoor climbing.

These shoes are also designed to be easy for children to put on by themselves. The velcro closure makes them easier to fasten, and the pull tabs on the back make it easier to put these shoes on and take them off. You can also usually find these shoes on sale for a reasonable price when you consider all of the additional features you get with them.

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