La Sportiva Women’s Tarantulace Climbing Shoe Review

La Sportiva Women's Tarantulace Climbing Shoe Review

Style and comfort are two major factors that are necessary when it comes to everything that can be worn but is especially true when it comes to shoes. With an activity like rock climbing, it is hard to have both.

Read on to see how the Tarantulace climbing shoe for women does both.

La Sportiva Tarantulace Climbing Shoe - Women's

About The Product 

  • Heel made with FriXion rubber compound for durability and grip
  • Unlined leather upper for flexibility
  • Lined tongue for moisture control
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    Made with 100% leather
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    Quick-pull lace harness for easy adjustment and snug fit

La Sportiva specializes in creating hiking and climbing gear that will give their customers support and comfort while also looking and feeling their best at the same time. With high-quality materials used in construction, these products are built to last and are affordable.


The women’s Tarantulace climbing shoe is perfect, as it has all of the same qualities as the Tarantulace shoe with a special fit for women’s feet. There are many features in place that makes this shoe as comfortable as possible as you are exploring and climbing.

It is made with unlined leather on the upper part of the shoe to allow for flexibility and stretch. With climbing shoes, it is essential to have some degree of stretch to allow the shoe to fit perfectly since it has to be tight. Your climbing shoe should fit like a glove; being made with this material enables that to happen.

The tongue of the shoe is made with lined leather, which is different from unlined leather in that it does not provide as much stretch. For the tongue area of the shoe, this is important to ensure that you feel you have more control. It also aids in moisture control, preventing sweat from lingering.

This shoe also comes in two different colors, turquoise and coral, to give you a chance to choose according to your style. It also comes in many different sizes to ensure that everyone gets the fit they need, so you may have to go to a store to get a fitting or try a few sizes to get the perfect fit.

What Others Say

Once the right size was found, many women say that they love the snug fit that the shoe provides. However, you do not need to get them as snug if you are just a beginner.

La Sportiva Tarantulace Climbing Shoe - Women's

The only downside that you may experience is that it takes a little longer to take off compared to velcro shoes. If you are a beginner, you may have to give your feet a break in between climbs, so be sure that this will not be a problem for you.

Buying Advice

If you are interested in purchasing the La Sportiva Tarantulace climbing shoe for women, you will be happy to hear that it is affordable, with prices starting just below $70 on Amazon.


Thank you for reading about the women’s Tarantulace climbing shoe. With so many great features that are essential for rock climbing and hiking, you can’t go wrong in investing in this shoe.

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