Review: Best Red Chili Climbing Shoes

A Guide To Finding The Best Climbing Shoes Around

Finding the right pair of climbing shoes can feel daunting, especially for the beginning climber.  The many styles and brands of climbing shoes, as well as sizes complicate the process greatly.  For all levels of climbers, the Red Chili brand climbing shoe line offers several options for different skill levels and disciplines of climbing.  Read our Red Chili Climbing shoe review to find the perfect pair of climbing shoes for you!

The Red Chili Voltage II

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Best Red Chili Climbing Shoes

Red Chili Fusion VCR

Red Chili Ventic Air

Red Chili Voltage II

Red Chili Sausalito

Best Red Chili Climbing Shoes

1. Red Chili Fusion VCR - 9/10


  • Great for aggressive climbing and bouldering
  • Downturned profile allows for better performance on overhanging climbs
  • The asymmetric shape allows for easier foot placements
  • Vibram XS rubber for a good blend of traction and durability

The Red Chili Fusion VCR gets our pick for the best climbing shoe aimed at aggressive climbing that is available from the Red Chili Brand.  With a downturned profile and asymmetric toe, the shoe is built for steep climbing and bouldering. 

The shoe makes use of Vibram XS rubber which is a common material in many higher-end climbing shoes available on the market these days.  The rubber is durable yet also provides good traction.

One of the most valuable aspects of these shoes is the closure system which is made up of two velcro straps that close in opposing directions.  This provides the user the ability to tighten the shoe in both the toe and over the arch.

Overall, the Fusion VCR is a great pick for intermediate to advanced climbers looking for a well rounded shoe that is capable of performing well on a variety of different types of climbing but also excels on aggressive terrain. 

2. Red Chili Ventic Air - 8.5/10


  • A good all-around climbing shoe that performs well on most terrain
  • Dual velcro straps provide a snug fit
  • Made with durable RX-2 rubber
  • Entirely vegan and made without animal products like leather

The Red Chili Ventic Air gets our pick for the best all around climbing shoe available from the Red Chili Brand.  The shoe is a comfortable, well made, and high performing model that blends together elements of sport, trad, and bouldering oriented shoes into one package. 

The Ventic Air is a shoe aimed at the all-around climber who is looking for a durable and well-performing shoe that is also not wildly expensive.  The Ventic Air is great in the gym or outside due to its use of RX-2 rubber which strikes a perfect balance between edge durability and stickiness.

One of the best aspects of this shoe is how comfortable they are.  While being high-performing shoes, the Ventic Air still manage to be comfortable to wear and stay that way even after long multi-pitch days or extensive gym training.  

The Ventic Air are a great choice as an all-around shoe for beginner or intermediate climbers, and are also perfect for advanced climbers as a pair to take on longer multi-pitch climbs. 

3. Red Chili Voltage II - 8/10


  • Aggressive profile excels at steep climbing
  • Vibram XS Rubber Sole
  • Dual velcro straps

The Red Chili Voltage II are a good alternative to the Fusion VCR for climbers looking for a shoe that is a little more aggressive.  The shoe is similar in some ways to the Fusion VCR but has a stronger downturn and more pointy toe.

The shoe is similar to other Red Chili models in that it uses quality rubber from Vibram and is built durably.  

While the shoe is a great for advanced climbers, I prefer the Fusion VCR as it is more reasonably priced and offers a lot of the same features.  One of the benefits of the Red Chili brand is the ability to get quality shoes for good prices, however at $170 the Voltage II are not as competitively priced as other Red Chili models.

  • VTR-3D technology features varied rand thickness around the shoes
  • Features teardrop MX-P midsoles to maintain overall flexibility
  • Features an internal nylon lining for improved moisture management
  • Asymmetric toe profile improves your hold and protects your toes

An all-around performer, the Red Chili Sausalito is a good shoe for many types of climbers at a great price point.  One of the best aspects of the shoe is how comfortable they are.  Whether being used as a warm-up shoe for the gym or on a ten pitch climb, these shoes are very easy to wear for long periods of time.  

These shoes feature a dual strap closure which will stay tight during climbing, but are easily tightened as well. The toe profile is specifically designed for women's narrower feet, and it also helps improve rigidity and to protection.