Resoling Climbing Shoes Makes Sense

resoling climbing shoes

Most rock climbers who have been involved with the sport for a few years will be well familiar with the aggravation associated with blowing a hole in the bottom of your first pair of climbing shoes. It can be very frustrating — especially for a pair of shoes you love.

For beginning climbers, the most common action to take is to shell out the money to buy a new pair. However, before tossing the shoes in the trash, you may want to consider another option that many climbers often overlook: resoling. Resoling your climbing shoes is a way to extend the life of worn-through shoes and preserve them for months to come. While resoling can save you money, there are several pros and cons associated with this process.

Whether they are your first or tenth pair of climbing shoes, resoling can often be a significantly cheaper alternative to buying brand new shoes.  By resoling shoes, you will avoid paying the full price for a new pair of shoes. For an expensive, $100+ pair of climbing shoes, a $40-$50 resoling job makes far more financial sense.

Furthermore, buying a new pair of shoes will come with the usual process of breaking them in, whereas resoling climbing shoes will not affect the fit at all.

In some instances, however, buying a new pair of climbing shoes may make more sense.  If your shoes have been resoled several times already and the uppers are falling apart, buying a new pair of shoes may be the only option. While the resoling process repairs the rubber, it does not prevent the rest of the fabric from tearing.

Resoling climbing shoes is a great option that many climbers overlook when they inevitably see a hole begin to form on their climbing shoe soles. Though not appropriate for all, knowing about the option to resole is a good tip.

This video from REI explains the process of resoling your climbing shoes: